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10 July, 2024

Simone says:

I love that Dandenong is so full of arts - from observing to participating. I love that I get to to be involved in arts with fusion theatre

8 July, 2024

Kat says:

The Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre has a welcoming theatre space where exciting creative collisions can take place! It's magic!

8 July, 2024

FT says:

Opportunities for all people to engage in arts activities, as artists and audience, to celebrate diversity and promote social inclusion.

25 June, 2024

Toby says:

The diversity and creativity of our community demonstrated by local groups' producing performances, exhibitions and community events.

18 June, 2024

Jay says:

As a community artist I love the focus on artist’s contributions to the community. The opportunities for creatives.

17 June, 2024

LT says:

Really great community facilities, arts venues/programming, festivals, multicultural food and shops, libraries and parks/playgrounds

17 June, 2024

Kylie says:

The celebrations of First Nations culture immersed into multicultural. We are so rich council enables this collectivism and exchange.

17 June, 2024

Kelly says:

As First Nations community- council workers responds to support our needs and partner with us in a meaningful way.

17 June, 2024

Terry says:

That council supported the Voice campaign. That is the essence of what Dandenong is. It’s supports everyone in all walks of life.

13 June, 2024

Lan says:

First, I love your libraries, great parks, and Drum Theatre, great markets, and cafes, and cultural shops and restaurants.

9 June, 2024

Lauris says:

The special days and events that the library hosts, which helps to get our kids involved and foster enthusiasm for learning and new ideas.

7 June, 2024

Catherine says:

Please clean up Dandenong City. There is garbage piled outside restaurants, grafitti on private property, walls, and fences -all in the city