About the Project

In 2021 the Greater Dandenong People's Panel created a new Community Vision for 2040:

The City of Greater Dandenong is a home to all. It's a city where you can enjoy
and embrace life through celebration and equal opportunity.

We harmonise the community by valuing multiculturalism and the individual.
Our community is healthy, vibrant, innovative and creative.

Our growing city is committed to environmental sustainability.
Welcome to our exciting and peaceful community.

This vision was the foundation for the strategic objectives in our current Council Plan and will also influence the development of our next plan for 2025-29.

The success of this vision depends on many different people and organisations across our city and as a Council we play a major part. The next step before we develop the new Council Plan and its priorities is to create a staff vision which reflects our role in helping to achieve the community's aspiration to become a home to all.

How will we develop the staff vision?

  1. An all staff survey will be conducted to give everyone an opportunity to provide feedback.
  2. A staff working group of representatives from across the organisation will be formed to discuss this feedback and start drafting 4-5 vision statements for review.
  3. The draft visions will be shared with all staff for voting.
  4. The staff working group will finalise the vision statement for ET endorsement.

How can I get involved?

  • Complete the survey below and share your ideas
  • Register your interest in being part of the staff working group to create the staff vision