About the Project

Keysborough South Community Hub will be a place for community connection.

The Keysborough South Community Hub project commenced in 2011, in response to increased population growth in the area, along with demand for localised community services and community development activities, with a particular emphasis on access to early years services.

The Hub will incorporate these services, plus a range of multi-purpose spaces, to provide opportunities for a wide variety of activities and programs to be offered for the community.

The local community are invited to have their say on the Hub’s vision statement and provide input into what programs/activities they would like to see happen in the space.
  • Programs and activities in the space (internal and external)
  • Ideas for displays in the space that encourage young people to feel welcome
  • Operating hours - let us know when you would likely use the hub
  • The vision statement for the Hub
  • Strategic objectives in the hub's plan
  • Changes to the physical building plans/structure – materials, layout, colour scheme
  • Operations – budgets, management model and staffing structure

How to provide your feedback:

  • Participate in the activities below
  • Visit us at one of our pop-up sessions
  • Email your feedback