The Draft Climate Change Community Engagement and Mobilisation Plan (CEMP) is designed to serve as a comprehensive framework, guiding Council's efforts to enhance community engagement and mobilise effective action on climate change. It aims to:

  • increase awareness of climate change vulnerabilities among both Council and community members,
  • empower and support vulnerable community members, ensuring equitable responses to climate impacts,
  • engage and encourage the community to take meaningful action, individually and collectively.
The draft plan was developed from the ground up in line with community feedback and priorities. It is designed to capitalise on existing programs, networks, and connections with a goal of accelerating climate action throughout the municipality.

Consultation to date

During a 10-week consultation period in 2023, we received a total of 537 submissions, representing diverse voices from across our municipality. Through surveys, community events, targeted consultations with key groups, and engagement via print and digital media, we ensured broad representation in shaping this plan based on our community's priorities. Feedback came from residents, businesses, cultural and religious groups, schools, and Traditional Custodians. For more details, please refer to the Full Consultation Report - August 2023 in the Document Library.

Key themes

The majority of respondents demonstrated a strong understanding of climate change impacts and expressed a commitment to taking action, however, key barriers such as financial constraints, limited time, and lack of confidence were evident. Motivations such as a sense of responsibility, concern for future generations, and community connections were significant drivers for climate action.

The community provided valuable insights into potential activities Council can take to provide support, ranging from educational programs and incentives to community events and infrastructure. These actions have been incorporated into the draft CEMP.

Next steps

With your input, we have developed a robust plan that reflects the aspirations and priorities of our community. The draft CEMP is available to view in the Document Library and we welcome further comments (via the form below) before it is presented at a Council meeting.

How to have your say